Q & A with Klaudia Cechini

Payam Emrani
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Klaudia is a mobile photographer from Poland whose work has a haunting, lyrical quality to it. What drew me to her work is that every single photo of hers tells a story; she somehow manages to create an entire world through a single image.

To see more of her work please follow her on instagram @Kce

I had the privilege of asking her a few questions. Here are her responses.

1) Why do you use a cellphone in your work? What does it allow you to do that a traditional camera does not?

Because of this picture:

I started my journey with The Mobile Photography. I had a just phone with camera, and one of some free photo app… I made this photo about 7 years ago.I was in hospital, with some woman (from picture) in the time room. She did not say even one word, she was lonely, no one visited her, even the doctors were not interested with her problems. Her loneliness was cruel, it was so painful looking at her. I was not able to ignore her true hopelessness. I don’t know why, but I just grabbed my phone, and I made this photo. And “wow”, I suddenly felt better. I don’t know why, but somehow by showing in my interpretation of her loneliness I accepted her suffering. Since then moment I have been dealing with myself in that way — I just make the photo. I love it, because I have always my phone with me so I can express myself in every moment when and where I want. This is the reason why I never thought about switching the cell-phone to a professional camera.

2) How is mobile photography different from traditional photography? is it a different art form?

Because of high costs of professional photographic equipment MP (mobile photography) give a great opportunity to see “do you even like photography?”. Also MP It’s more available for people, easer to learn. It’s seems to be so easy — like somebody can think. But it’s not. Thats why I have to admit that its no so easy to make good MP photos.

First of all: If you want to compare the Professional Photography with the Mobile Photography, you need to face the fact: you have just a phone with some camera. Just it.

And that means that you should change the way of seeing and thinking about your object with out all these “professional stuff”. You just need to considered it few times: “How to show it?”, “Will I be able to create it?”, “Will I be able edit photo on such small screen?”. Answers is: Yes. it’s not always so easy, but if you will practice, you will able to create everything what you want on your cellphone. And about form of art…. I do not see difference between Mobile Art “form” and Pro Photography Art “form”. It may sound naively, but In my opinion Art has no divisions, especially in the method of the way in creating.

3) What do you wish your cellphone could do that it currently cannot?

I really dream about a large format of photo in a very good quality.

4) What do you see as the future of mobile photography?

It’s quite interesting question. I remember my beginnings in the mobile photography. Everything was different — now it has changed a lot. It used to be not so much popular, probably nobody took it seriously. I was thinking: “I am not a pro photographer, so I can do whatever I want, no rules apply to me”. That was great. But now Mobile Photography has become very popular and starting be just one of sources of easy promotion. I don’t know how it will be seen in the future.

5) What should people read / view / listen to to better understand mobile photography?

I don’t know, really. Because also I do not understand the reason why The Mobile Photography it’s so hard for somebody to understand. But if I had to say something, I think the answer is one… Do not try to understand it, just start doing it. That’s all.

6) What topic would you like me to investigate more in terms of mobile photography?

I do not understand why and when mobile photography starting be rated that, it’s just filters, and “the magical applications” that made/create all your photos.

7) Who are your major influences / who do you follow in terms of mobile photography?

My only one major influences it’s: Me, Me, and Me and My emotions. It’s may seem like I have narcissistic personality, but its not true (not in one hundred precent).

Self-portraits are the one of therapy method to dealing with my depression. It helps me a lot.

Through observation of your body, you will realize that not only your soul suffering. You will see how your body has changed. Your moves, poses, your body will start be to skinny or to fatty. You will see your true face, with no expressions, or full of anger, maybe with obsession in yours eyes, or just very tired. Sometimes you will see your mask that you put on your face before you leaving the house.

Like I say before, I draw inspiration from my emotions, but I have my two Masters of Mobile Photography: Michael Baranovic and Oliver Lang. They every photos proofs that you can do better.



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