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Payam Emrani
2 min readJun 8, 2018

What features does a new data art app need?

  1. Discoverability

The key to data art is data so any good app has to have great search. The key difference is that this search cannot be solely reliant on hashtags because of their inherent flaws (inaccuracy and people trying to game the system). It also cannot be just based on AI (mainly because AI has no concept of emotions). I also, however, think the system needs some sort of randomness / chaos built into it. A possible idea would be for the system to suggest new photos based on the photos you are currently using in your story.

2. Work Flow

The main reason we need a new app is to simplify the workflow. The workflow would look something like this: 1) discover 2) edit 3) share 4) notify. So currently you can discover new content on any app but in order to edit someone else’s photo you need to then download that photo and either use a separate app to edit it or reupload it into the app again. This app would skip the download part. Also the key to this new app is the notify feature.

3. Notify

What we find most addicting about social media are the notifications that someone liked / commented / etc on our photos. This is in essence the heart of any social media app. What our app does is notify the original content owner when someone has edited their work. I think this would be far more meaningful than your favorite artist liking your work.

4. Simplicity

The final component is to keep the app simple. It should just be a data art app; not a Swiss Army knife app.



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