The music stopped

And I found myself without a chair.

The long ceaseless game of musical chairs came to an end

And here I am on this cold, hard floor.

They all got chairs,

Hell she is sitting on his lap,

But here I am all alone on this

Cold, hard floor.

I don’t know when

Or even if the music will start again

Or If I even want it to.

For at first the ground was cold and hard

But now it is warm and soft.

And I know if I partake in their game again

When it comes to an end I will find myself on the floor again.

But next time it won’t be warm and soft.

The internet has turned our world into a Tardis. What I mean by this is that it is both large and small at the same time. The internet gave us so much information and access to so many people that everyone just got lost. Ironically, it has also allowed us to actually communicate with the giants and influencers of the subjects we love.

When I started this crazy project I never thought anyone would respond. To my utter amazement the people whose work I looked up to actually responded. Then something even more insane occurred. One of the questions I…

This project continues to amaze me. The mere fact that these amazing photographers take the time to answer my questions and answer my emails is just mind blowing for me.

The work of Ramon Cruz is just mind blowing. When I think of quintessential street photography I envision his work. Every single one of his photographs tells a story and creates its own universe.

A photographer must be psychic. He must know what he is subject is thinking and feeling and somehow translate that into a photograph. Ramon Cruz has super hero level psychic powers.

Ramón Cruz is a college…

Klaudia is a mobile photographer from Poland whose work has a haunting, lyrical quality to it. What drew me to her work is that every single photo of hers tells a story; she somehow manages to create an entire world through a single image.

To see more of her work please follow her on instagram @Kce

I had the privilege of asking her a few questions. Here are her responses.

1) Why do you use a cellphone in your work? What does it allow you to do that a traditional camera does not?

Because of this picture:

I started my…

What I love the most about mobile photography is how it brings to light the stark juxtaposition of our lives. Since we record things in real time and without real forethought it provides a true slice of life. When you compare the crazy adventure you had in Downtown LA at midnight vs the hike you had the next day it really gives your life perspective. But in terms of photography, mobile photography also provides stark, artistic juxtaposition. Because of the inherent limitations of mobile phones, photos shot at night come out grainy and weird and imperfect. But I love this…

I’m in awe of David’s work for several reasons:

He is a street photographer. I’ve always felt that street photography is the bravest form of photography; you actually have to leave your house and interact with human beings.

His technical mastery. I cannot emphasize enough how technically difficult his work is. The composition of his works are breath taking. His use of light and shadow to tell stories is masterful. But what I gravitate most to is his vision- to be able to take ordinary life and see it in such a way is genius.

David Ingraham is a Los…

I’m old. I remember the world before the Internet. I also sort of remember the golden age of the internet ( you never really realize you are in a golden age of anything, till its over and you have some perspective.)

To me it seems like social media popped up overnight and in the blink of an eye we kind of ruined it all with our greed.

But I’m here to tell you that the magic of the internet is still alive. The wonder of discovering new things. …

So this whole thing is about mobile photography and yet there are no photos on here! Why? Well this whole endeavor is about two things: truth and me thinking out loud. I just do not want to take a bunch of photos with my cellphone and post them here. There are a few conditions:

  1. it has to be something worth photographing. It has to be a moment in real life that I want to preserve.
  2. It has to be spontaneous. Something I just see. There can be no preplanning.
  3. No regular camera. Because if I was planning it out I…

What features does a new data art app need?

  1. Discoverability

The key to data art is data so any good app has to have great search. The key difference is that this search cannot be solely reliant on hashtags because of their inherent flaws (inaccuracy and people trying to game the system). It also cannot be just based on AI (mainly because AI has no concept of emotions). I also, however, think the system needs some sort of randomness / chaos built into it. …

For me mobile photography is not another evolutionary step in photography (film → digital → mobile) but a new art form. I call this new art form data art. Data art is simply the art form of capturing data and manipulating it later in some digital fashion. It is somewhat similar to traditional photography but traditional photography has emphasized the capture process- what you are photographing, how, etc. These questions are irrelevant in data art. The emphasis is taking this data and telling a new story with it.

What mobile photography has allowed us to do is capture voluminous amounts…

Payam Emrani

Philosopher of Photography. Pontificating about mobile photography

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